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Eiluna and Zenia

Art Filler: Eiluna the Satyress

Art Filler: Eiluna the Satyress published on

Life prevented me from finishing a new comic page this week, so here is some art that I’m very proud of from last year! Honestly it might be my favorite piece I’ve ever drawn, even though I kind of started it on a whim.

The characters are Eiluna and Zenia, my satyress and fairy characters. I’ve had a Wulfgard story about their lives amongst the beastfolk and fey creatures of the Southwestern Wilds simmering on my backburner for quite some time now. I’d love to write it as a comic or an illustrated story someday. Think you’d be interested? Let me know!

Special thanks to my Patreon supporters, especially Nightstalker, Jack, Jared Buniel, Jonathan Davis, Kyle D. Smith, Kl13, and J. Myers!