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Wulfgard: Tom Drake in Exile

Art Filler: Exile Tom Drake

Art Filler: Exile Tom Drake published on

Unfortunately, I felt under the weather last week and wasn’t able to get a comic page done in time. I did, however, recently put the finishing touches on this art that I drew for my sister, Maegan (Maverick-Werewolf), as a gift last year. She did the flat colors and ensured there was an ample amount of body hair, lol. It’s a glimpse of Tom Drake, sometime after the end of Wulfgard: Knightfall, in his exile/gladiator outfit, looking very angry about something. Whoever made him mad is probably having a very, very bad day. I tried to make this piece very moody and striking, with the low angle, the bloody swords, and the rain. I hope you like it!

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