Into the North, Chapter 6, Page 17

It’s finally here! The last page of Chapter 6. I don’t know why I took a break right before the last page of the chapter, but oh well. Enjoy!

I have no idea if/when the next chapter will start. It simply takes so long to tell a story in comic book format (especially doing all the art myself) that I feel like my story will never be told. And I want it to be told! So I may just tell it in a heavily illustrated novel format instead of a full comic. Perhaps I’ll post a different, simpler comic here in the meantime. Either way, expect a finalized version of this chapter of the comic with improved art on every page, available via Comixology, within the next few months!

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Comics Now Higher Resolution – Kickstarter Coming Soon!

The comics page skin has finally been fixed! “Saber-Scorpion’s Lair Webcomics” is now (at least for the moment) Wulfgard: Into the North and Other Webcomics”:

The comic posted yesterday is the cover art for Into the North, which I hope to soon publish as a physical graphic novel with funding through Kickstarter. So watch out for the launch of our Kickstarter project some time before the end of the month!

And last but certainly not least, all pages of the webcomic have now been increased to higher resolution! Other tweaks have also been made to both the art and the text here and there. You were looking for an excuse to re-read Into the North, right? Right? Well, enjoy the new “HD” read! And the version we print through Kickstarter will be even better.