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Comics Now Higher Resolution – Kickstarter Coming Soon!

Comics Now Higher Resolution – Kickstarter Coming Soon! published on

The comics page skin has finally been fixed! “Saber-Scorpion’s Lair Webcomics” is now (at least for the moment) Wulfgard: Into the North and Other Webcomics”:

The comic posted yesterday is the cover art for Into the North, which I hope to soon publish as a physical graphic novel with funding through Kickstarter. So watch out for the launch of our Kickstarter project some time before the end of the month!

And last but certainly not least, all pages of the webcomic have now been increased to higher resolution! Other tweaks have also been made to both the art and the text here and there. You were looking for an excuse to re-read Into the North, right? Right? Well, enjoy the new “HD” read! And the version we print through Kickstarter will be even better.


Characters published on

NOTE: Only the main protagonists and antagonists of the comics’ storylines are listed here. For other important figures in Wulfgard and Nova Refuge, see the the Nova Refuge and Wulfgard websites.


The Wanderer
The Wanderer
A Northman whose wife mysteriously disappeared without a trace, fading even from the memory of those who had known her. For a year he roamed to all corners of the world. He has only recently returned to his home in the North, having lost all hope of finding his wife, when suddenly a woman appears to him in a dream…
(more info)

The Wanderer
The Wolf
Upon the Wanderer’s return to Northrim, he was attacked by an enormous, vicious werewolf. Upon wounding it and tracking it down after the sun rose, he discovered it to be a beautiful young girl. Realizing she was innocent of the blood she had spilled while in werewolf form, he began to tend to her wounds…

The Hero

The Wanderer
Lord Plutarch
The Magister
An Imperial nobleman who became estranged from his family when he revealed his nature as a mage, a human born with the (illegal) gift of magic. He seeks to find and collect a group of demonic artifacts for purposes unknown. To aid him in this task, he has called in many favors, gathering to his banner a group of strange and deadly individuals the like of which no man has ever seen in a single place: assassins, demon-kin, and other, stranger beings. He will not stop until he has gathered all of the artifacts, and one of them rests in the hands of a certain wandering Northern outlaw.

The Wanderer
Hanan al-Saffah
The Assassin
Leader of the most feared group of killers this side of the Jagged Edge, the Silent Messengers. Hanan al-Saffah hails from Deshret, where he earned his title "the blood-letter" for the trail of bodies he left behind him. He considers killing a form of art, of which he is a master artist. Currently working with Lord Plutarch to help find the artifacts he seeks.

The Wanderer
The Warrior
A blade-master from the far distant, mysterious East, currently serving as Lord Plutarch’s utterly silent and obedient bodyguard. How he came to be there is a mystery.

The Wanderer
The Demoness
A truly exotic woman, born from the unholy union of a human of Kemhet and a demon of the Underworld. Plutarch saved her from the clutches of her demon father, and in return she is helping him find the artifacts he seeks.

The Wanderer
The Thief

The Vampire

The General

The Blacksmith

The Berserker

The Engineer


The LEGO comic Nova Refuge: The Takeover of Mordark is being concluded here on Saber-Scorpion’s Webcomics. The following is a list of the most important characters, who will play important roles in these final chapters (in order of appearance).

Lord Zegaldorph
Lord of Mordark
A Mahlok who left his own people and retreated to the city-state of Mordark on Terra Nova, bordering Xarkon. Within a few years, he was running the place. He is now Lord Zegaldorph, ruler of Mordark… and he will not let his city fall without a fight. He has allied himself with Victory, but they stand against impossible odds: Xarkon, Grimm’s Army, and the gangs of the Mordark Slums all seek to topple Zegaldorph’s regime.

Victorian Immortal Soldier
Formerly part of Victory’s scrapped Immortal Soldiers Project, the soldier code-named "Xerxes" was awarded a prototype suit of armor and a high rank in the military. Grand General Rick Radcliff put him in charge of the squad of soldiers who escorted the Victorian ambassadors into Mordark.

De Victoria
Johann De Victoria
Victorian General
The highest-ranking officer in the group of "ambassadors" sent to Mordark by Victory. Now that they cannot leave the City Core, he is in charge of the operation, though he so far has followed all of the recommendations of Victory’s new ally, Lord Zegaldorph.

Xak Panchu
Xak Panchu
Victorian Colonel
A rather arrogant Victorian officer, the second-highest in rank, just below General De Victoria.
He harbors a deep-seated resentment toward his country’s current leaders.

Riddian Harrick
Riddian Harrick
Business Tycoon
One of the wealthiest men in Mordark, Riddian Harrick runs ITEC, a company that sells computers, but specializes in the research and development of military technology. His most recent creation, an enormous Gungnir shield-breaker cannon capable of taking down Mordark’s own shield array, was recently stolen but later recovered. A powerful man in Mordark’s City Core, Harrick does not realize that Victory has been spying on him for over a year through his fiancé, a Victorian intelligence agent named Scarlet.

Michael "Hotline" Lisa
Computer Security Expert
A self-proclaimed "artist" with cyber-security systems, "Hotline" was recently hired by Zegaldorph to combat the intrusion attempts of the wanted hacker Jon Zorgon, who is thought to be working with Xarkon.

Jon Zorgon
Jon E. Zorgon
Wanted Hacker
Wanted in at least three countries for hacking highly classified data, Zorgon is the man responsible for most of Zegaldorph’s woes. He hacked the City Core’s security systems and has been letting thieves and assassins into the city under the direction of his employers, the gangs of the Mordark Slums who seek to topple Lord Zegaldorph.

Jonas Trutarius
Jonas Trutarius
Criminal Mastermind
Formerly a proficient theif in the employ of the galaxy-spanning criminal organization known as the Black Network, Jonas was promoted to regional leader of the Network in Mordark when the old leader was killed. He is now working with Grimm’s Army and the gangs of the Mordark Slums to help end Zegaldorph’s reign.

Josef Koronov
Professional Mercenary
Born in Mordark, Josef spent his life hopping between jobs before
he ended up as a freelance mercenary. He and Ditto were hired by Jonas Trutarius to help him infiltrate the City Core and steal Riddian Harrick’s shield-breaker cannon. They have been working together ever since… although they don’t always get along.

Professional Mercenary
Josef’s partner, also still working for Jonas Trutarius.
Ditto’s real name is unknown, but he acquired his nickname because of his supposedly flawless memory. Anything Ditto commits to memory stays there, and he has perfect recall. He is also quite good with guns, but he mostly follows Josef’s lead in battle.

Enomeg Super-Soldier
The leader of Xarkon’s Enomeg Super-Soldiers and only son of Supreme Commander Lucas Mars himself.
Luke "Blood Raven" Mars II is a warrior without equal. Mars put him in charge of escorting Xarkon’s ambassadors to Mordark, where he is now being held captive by Lord Zegaldorph.



Grimm III
Erik Grimm III

The Mercenary
The second in a series of clones that mercenary warlord Eric Grimm I created of himself as part of a failed super-soldier project. Now on the run from his ‘father’ after escaping, ‘Three’ is a lone wolf merc who roams the Refuge in search of paying jobs, going by names like Otto Krieg and Erik the Red. His career? War. And if there isn’t one where he lands, he brings it.
Also appears in: my novel Warrior Born

The Lady
The Lady
A beautiful, blind Sarran currently held as a privileged slave by the Mahlok on Kuro. Her eyes are sightless, but this has caused her other senses to become enhanced, even the sixth one – psionics – in which the Sarran are already naturally skilled. Not only can she sense the minds of others, but she can send out such powerful emotions that those around her begin to feel them. Both the Mahlok Zolakos on Kuro and Damien Dukensi on Leo desire her for their own reasons.

The Slave
A red-skinned, green-eyed Slashrim warrior now reduced to tending bar on Kuro after ending up as a slave for rebelling against Helexith. Lashnar is what the Mahlok call hakgrin: clever and dangerous.

The Prefect
The Prefect

The Xarkonian Prefect put in charge of the colonies on Leo and Kuro. He keeps an eye on the two planets from the fighter-carrier ship Watcher in the Fog, which always looms above their atmospheres as a reminder of Xarkon’s power. In spite of this, the two gangs have him in their pockets, and he mostly lets them run the actual colonies how they see fit.

The Master

The Malfor (head male) of the Mahlok family who controls the slavery operations on Kuro. Rumored to be a scientist who lost favor with Helexith proper and was forced to take this job on the border, he will go to any lengths to succeed. He desires not only to control powerful Slashrim slaves, but also to unlock the secrets of the Sarran, particularly Naevanna.

The Mistress
The wife of Zolakos and female head of the household, Afaraza oversees operations on Kuro when her mate is too busy with his experiments. Intelligent and focused, she is better at running the basic business operations.

The Enforcer
The Overseer
The lead Mahlok slave-driver (he likes to use the title Enxith, or ‘General’) who keeps the Slashrim and other slaves of Kuro in line. He is the elder son of Zolakos and Afaraza, the master and mistress of Kuro.

The Caretaker

The younger son of Zolakos and Afaraza, the Mahlok boy who calls himself Zill has developed friendships with a few of the slaves over whom he watches, sometimes bringing them extra food, though he still remains loyal to his family.

Darren Dukensi
The Boss
Elder brother and head of the Dukensi family and their gang, Darren oversees all criminal operations on Leo and practically controls the entire colony, filling the pockets of the Xarkonian Prefect with coin

Damien Dukensi
The Enforcer
The younger brother of the Dukensi family, feared throughout the system as a ruthless and highly skilled killer. A master of weapons, he customizes all his guns to a razor edge and uses cybernetic implants to ensure pinpoint accuracy. His personality is agressive and obsessive, however, and he currently has his sights set on Naevanna, who he claims to have fallen in love with at first sight. He will do anything to take her as his own.

The Muscle

The Mechanic

The Agent

Wulfgard: Crossroads

Wulfgard: Crossroads published on

In the frozen North, a lone wanderer stumbles down from the impassable Jagged Edge mountains, only to find himself hunted by a fearsome beast: a werewolf. In the Achaean Empire, a young elven thief girl gets caught up in a dark cult of assassins and demons. In the city of Rimegard, a Princess struggles to learn to control her hidden power. And in the darkness deep beneath the earth, a clan of dwarves fights an ancient war. Though they know it not, the fates of all these individuals are intertwined. This is Wulfgard: Crossroads!

This comic, set in my fantasy world of Wulfgard, is still in progress, updated Sundays whenever possible. Enjoy!

Where would you like to start?

Start at the first page of Chapter I: Enter the Wanderer!

– NOTE: There is a break in the comic in the middle of Chapter 2. The rest of Chapter 2, 3, and 4 are available here as a graphic novel called Into the North!

Chapter V: Through the Fog and Filthy Air

Chapter VI: Unwholesome Thoughts and Whispers


About published on

Saber-Scorpion’s Lair is the personal website of Justin R. Stebbins. That’s me! And these are my comics. You can browse through them with the menu above.

The main ongoing comic is “Into the North,” set in my medieval fantasy universe called Wulfgard. It follows four parallel storylines, chronicling the fates of many vastly different individuals whose fates are intertwined. This comic is hand drawn and digitally inked and colored.

The second ongoing comic is called “The Takeover of Mordark,” set in my sci-fi universe called Nova Refuge. It tells the story of a small city-state on Terra Nova ruled by an aloof alien noble named Lord Zegaldorph. Two major nations – Victory and Xarkon – along with other smaller factions, are fighting for control of Mordark. I create the artwork for this comic using customized LEGO toys.

The other comics found in the menu are old – either completed, retired, or on indefinite hold. Please feel free to browse and read.

Also, feel free to pay a visit to my other websites in the Main Websites menu to learn more about Wulfgard & Nova Refuge, or check out my LEGO creations!