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Saber-Scorpion’s Lair is the personal website of Justin R. Stebbins. That’s me! And these are my comics. You can browse through them with the menu above.

The main ongoing comic is “Into the North,” set in my medieval fantasy universe called Wulfgard. It follows four parallel storylines, chronicling the fates of many vastly different individuals whose fates are intertwined. This comic is hand drawn and digitally inked and colored.

The second ongoing comic is called “The Takeover of Mordark,” set in my sci-fi universe called Nova Refuge. It tells the story of a small city-state on Terra Nova ruled by an aloof alien noble named Lord Zegaldorph. Two major nations – Victory and Xarkon – along with other smaller factions, are fighting for control of Mordark. I create the artwork for this comic using customized LEGO toys.

The other comics found in the menu are old – either completed, retired, or on indefinite hold. Please feel free to browse and read.

Also, feel free to pay a visit to my other websites in the Main Websites menu to learn more about Wulfgard & Nova Refuge, or check out my LEGO creations!