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Nova Refuge: The Takeover of Mordark

Nova Refuge: The Takeover of Mordark is a comic made with custom LEGO creations. It tells the tale of what happened to the independent city-state called Mordark on Terra Nova during the Ultimate War of Nova Refuge.

This was my first real attempt at a webcomic. Many of the characters in this comic were submitted by fans of my website through the Saber-Scorpion’s Lair Forums (SSLF). This makes the comic somewhat confusing for new readers. In particular, I recommend completely skipping “Issue 4: The Great Hunt.” It’s a mess, and the only important plot point is that the leaders of the two major gangs (the Black Network and the Brotherhood of Kraug) are killed, so that Jonas Trutarius and Ajax take their places, respectively.

Anyway, enjoy!

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Issue 1: Over the Border

Issue 2: The Takeover Begins

Issue 3: Rotten to the Core

Issue 4: The Great Hunt

Issue 5: Stabbed in the Back

Issue 6: The War Comes to Mordark

Issue 7: Operation Nutcracker

Issue 8: The Battle for Mordark