Into the North, Chapter 5, Page 18

Into the North, Chapter 5, Page 18 published on

And so ends Chapter 5! Even though I’ve already begun work on the art for chapter 6, I think I will allow the webcomic a short break between chapters, as I spend time working on some other art projects on my backburner. I’ll be back soon, perhaps with good news! As always, you can keep up… Continue reading Into the North, Chapter 5, Page 18

Chapter 5 Cover

Chapter 5 Cover published on

Unfortunately my main computer suffered a sudden fatal hardware attack and died yesterday, so I lost most of my work on the new comic page. But there’s at least one advantage to drawing the pencils & inks traditionally: a piece of paper doesn’t unexpectedly crash and lose your data. I still have everything except the… Continue reading Chapter 5 Cover