The main Wulfgard comic storyline by Justin R. Stebbins, in which four very different groups of individuals are brought together by fate to finally clash, for better or for worse, at the Imperial capital of the North.

Chapter 5 Cover

Chapter 5 Cover published on

Unfortunately my main computer suffered a sudden fatal hardware attack and died yesterday, so I lost most of my work on the new comic page. But there’s at least one advantage to drawing the pencils & inks traditionally: a piece of paper doesn’t unexpectedly crash and lose your data. I still have everything except the… Continue reading Chapter 5 Cover

Into the North, Chapter 6, Page 17

Into the North, Chapter 6, Page 17 published on

It’s finally here! The last page of Chapter 6. I don’t know why I took a break right before the last page of the chapter, but oh well. Enjoy! I have no idea if/when the next chapter will start. It simply takes so long to tell a story in comic book format (especially doing all… Continue reading Into the North, Chapter 6, Page 17