A comic made with LEGO. Mordark, the largest city in Human Space, is under attack. Xarkon has blockaded its harbor, and delegates from both Xarkon and Victory have been sent into the walled-off Mordark City Core to attempt to negotiate an alliance with the Mahlok “Lord Zegaldorph,” who rules Mordark. Meanwhile, Grimm’s Army stirs up trouble among the violent gangs of the Mordark Slums, which lie outside the great walls and harbor some of the galaxy’s worst fugitives. Assaulted from all sides, will the impenetrable fortress of Mordark finally fall?

Nova Refuge: TTOM, Issue 8, Page 15

Nova Refuge: TTOM, Issue 8, Page 15 published on

I originally planned to do the sea battle in miniature LEGO form – even more miniature than usual, I mean – but I had trouble getting the microfig ships and city of Mordark to look right. In the end, I decided that this and the following scenes would be too difficult to recreate in LEGO… Continue reading Nova Refuge: TTOM, Issue 8, Page 15