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Into the North, Chapter 5, Page 1

At long last, Wulfgard: Into the North will continue!

You can thank the supporters of my Patreon for their generous contributions:

  • Nicholas Randall
  • Jared Buniel
  • Lucas P.

We continue our story where Chapter 1 left off, returning to the Wanderer at long last. Depending on where I decide to go from here, the format may change slightly, but I’m excited to finally continue telling this story.

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Wulfgard: Into the North: Volume 1 – Graphic Novel, Standard Edition (NOTE: This version has slightly better colors than the Limited Edition below)

Wulfgard: Into the North: Volume 1 – Graphic Novel, Limited Edition
(signed and numbered out of 100 copies by the author!)
(NOTE: Due to a printing error, the colors in this edition are slightly too dark)