Chapter 5 Cover

Unfortunately my main computer suffered a sudden fatal hardware attack and died yesterday, so I lost most of my work on the new comic page. But there’s at least one advantage to drawing the pencils & inks traditionally: a piece of paper doesn’t unexpectedly crash and lose your data. I still have everything except the colors and lettering, so I will be posting the sketch and inks on Patreon for my supporters there, as I work on re-doing the rest of it. In the meantime, here is the cover design for chapter 5! I’m planning to upload the full issue to Comixology soon. Have you tried Into the North on the Comixology reader? The panel-by-panel reading mode is great!

Into the North, Chapter 6, Page 2

Sorry I missed last week. Life’s been hectic. I’d like to make more time to work on the comic, but I have to stay on top of my other work too. You can help me out by pledging to my Patreon! I lost a few backers in recent months, so any support is appreciated. And thanks to my current supporters, Nicholas Randall and Jared Buniel!

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